February 15, 2007

Hello moros, I’m Awayclose from Turkey. I had been posting my videos on Youtube before, but i had some troubles there. Also it was hard for people to reach every single video of Outlandish on Youtube since the videos are scattered among the other millions of videos. I thought it will be nice if I put all videos to one link. From now on, I ll post my videos here and u will be able to reach all the videos in one link : https://olvideo.wordpress.com 🙂

Now check the pages to reach the biggest archive of Outlandish videos…

p.s. Since this is not a fansite, i wont uptade it regularly. The page will be updated if i have new videos to share.

Take Care…


To Contact: ba_d_ream@hotmail.com


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Ele said

    HI Badry!!!
    great idea to create ur own space to post ol videos!no more trouble on utube…=)
    tnx to include us in ur blogroll!!!
    we’ll link to this on our site!
    stay blessed moro!!! 🙂

  2. Sanaâ said

    Salam Badr,
    congratulation for this new website, it’ll be an excellent one certainly inchalah !!
    Good luck
    and thanks for the videos
    Salam ^^

  3. Funda said

    oooow…maan, this site is wounderful!!! thank u 4 ur efforts, Turkish-Moroo;)
    emegine, ellerine saglik, yine güzel olmus..;)
    salaam ya all

  4. Mariam said

    asalaam alaikum!!!

    mashallah! wikd site! thank you soo much for this amazing site!! i agree with the other moro’s who needs YouTube wen we have our very own BadRee!!
    thanks once agn

  5. awayclose said

    Thanx for ur kind words.. i appreciate ur support. 🙂

  6. Dodgerna said

    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh.O my lord ,it’s agreat web site for agreat band .Relly i love you outlandish.your love change my life and make me a happy because you present a beautiful art May Allah bless you .I’m thankin’ you.please,i’d like to know the E_mail of outlandish or Isam pleeeeeeeeeeeeease,tell me.this is my E_mail:supplication2@forislam.com,send me their E_mail.Wa jazakomu Allahu khaira.

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