Callin U Video is Out!

March 20, 2007

Finally, our moros uploaded the video to their Myspace. You can watch and download the video under Clips section.

This is the post about the video on Outlands Official Myspace:

Salam peace paz fred aman

Aaaight y´all here it is We know many of you have been waiting for this video to arrive so enjoy……

In short the story is about this young couple. We follow them during a day of work school etc. They are expecting their first child. They have had a major fight and are not speaking to eachother because they both are too stuborn to take the first step.
So we follow them both and see how it effects their day. On a bigger scale its also the insecurity about becoming parents and what changes it brings.

Its a video about simple people with simple promblems ups and downs. But most important its a video about finding that one thing that gives you peace tranquillity and ease. That can be a wife a husband a mother a father or God.
We have tried to capture everyday sitiations which we all go through at some point or the other .

Hope y´all can see the beaty of the simplicity in the video and we would offcourse like to hear you think of the video?

Stay blessed

Isam, Lenny & Waqas


11 Responses to “Callin U Video is Out!”

  1. ALI the MORCCAN said

    thanks badry
    ALLAH bless you
    ALLAH bless them

  2. salam allahi 3alikom

    macha allah 3alik akh isma

    end Lenny & Waqas

    jamil jiddan


  3. Dodgerna said

    Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh.I love you outlandish because you present a beautiful art May Allah bless you .All the words in all the languages cannot show my feeling. Your love and Sami yusuf change my love.relly you are my brothers .Relly i’m proud of you and Sami yusuf.I’m thankin’U . pleeeeeeeeeeease,i’d like to know your E-mail or the E_mail of Isam .This is my send me your E-mail i’ll be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy if i know it.Wa jazakom Allahu khaira.

  4. tugba said

    wa rahmatullahi wa barakhatuh
    Outlandish, how can i describe them, i don’t know
    but there is only one May ALLAH bless them for their struggle and work! they doing all this for ALLAH.. and I wish them the best from Allah. inshallah you will get the best from ALLAH.
    their songs are very meaningful, sometimes their songs made me cry..
    peace be with you, brothers!

  5. tugba said

    …and i just want to enjoy you here in germany with sami yusuf, too. INSHALLAH

  6. Anastasia said

    I’m looking forward to see Outlandish in Russia!!! Is it possible?

  7. i missed out their concert in London the other day!! the tickets were sold out..

  8. R0bY^ro said

    good job.nice brakes my heart in pieces

  9. GugaRedy said

    Very useful resource. THE BEST. I liked your site.

  10. Diera said

    Salam brothers,

    Im a big fan of outlandish, i think it’s more than 10 times a day, I’ve aplayed that video clip;callin you. Isam you look extremely handsome in that video:)pls keep up your spirit and produce more songs…bravo..brothers..

  11. Cecilia Mirela Dan said

    I like very much not only the music and the lirics, but especially the ideeas of the song. It’s very nice to hear such a beautiful music about real and deep things from our lives.Also it’s very touching the sensibility with which the feelings are expressed by your interpretation.Keep going like this!I’ll keep listening!
    Cecilia from Romania

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