Sudoeste Festival 2007 Interview – Portugal

August 4, 2007

Sudoeste Festival 2007 Interview – Outlandish played at Sudoeste Festival yesterday on 3rd August which took place in Portugal and they are interviewed by the TV of Sudoeste Festival just before their performance. You can watch the video of interview here.


4 Responses to “Sudoeste Festival 2007 Interview – Portugal”

  1. Thank u so much for the interview!!

  2. Mostafa Cheldavi said

    who’s doing?
    I’m orginaly irany but I like liston to you’re
    I don’t know
    I know, I love you very much
    I so very happy when I liston to I callin’ u
    and other …
    please answered me when grops outlandish read
    this massege send to my mail
    don’t forget me
    thank you very much .

  3. salwa said

    hi, i’m from morocco & i wanna just say that i love your music so mutch,je m’excuse mon anglais est horrible car ma culture est française, l’essencil c’est que vous etes cool et je vous kiffe grave vous etes talentueuxn et respectieux chose qui est rare en ce temps

    j’espere vous renconterer un jours en fait je prie Dieu et in chaa allah mon reve se realisera un jour

    je parle trop hhh, merci
    fi aman allah
    allah yehmikou

  4. Buchra-muslimahdaturkish said

    thanks bro,keep up d good work (from tym to tym) 😀 u kno what ‘m sayin

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