Isam B – Go’ Morgen Danmark – 19.09.2007 (Danish) – Isam B was the guest of a morning show called Go’ Morgen Danmark on a danish tv named TV2. The show also includes a sample from Isam’s upcoming music video for “I Danmark er Jeg Født”.

Isam B Interview – A new interview made by a danish newspaper including samples from Isam’s upcoming music videos for “Institution” and “I Danmark er Jeg Født”.

Isam B – DR1 TV Interview – Isam B is interviewed by Danish TV named “DR” about his new solo album “Institution” on the streets of Denmark. This special interview contains some samples from Isam Bachiri’s upcoming music videos for the songs “Institution”, “I Danmark er Jeg Født” and “Hver Sin Vej”. Enjoy!

Sami Yusuf feat. Isam Bachiri – Try not to Cry – Istanbul, Turkey 2007

Sami Yusuf gave a big concert yesterday in Istanbul to 100.000 people. Before the concert Sami said that there were gonna be 2 surprise at the concert and one of them was Isam Bachiri. He watched the whole concert and then they sang “Try Not to Cry” together. Even though i live in Turkey, unfortunately i couldnt go to the concert, coz Istanbul is really away to me. 😦 You can find the video of the performance by clicking here or to image, the quality of the video is pretty good. It’s the mix of four videos recorded from different angles.

Horsens Open Air 2007 – A few short clips together from Horsens Open Air Concert which took place in Denmark on 29th June 2007.

Voice TV Stuff

September 4, 2007

Voice TV Advertisement Video – Ad for the Danish Voice TV featuring Outlandish and some other Danish artists.

Voice 06 Interview (Danish) – The interview made by Voice TV just after Outlandish won the Voice 06 Award.