Al Jazeera visits Outlandish

November 4, 2008


Outlandish on Al Jazeera Playlist – Outlandish was the featured artist of the week on a TV program called “Playlist” which is broadcasted by Al Jazeera TV.

See how three Danish artists are putting Copenhagen on the hip hop map. And, although Denmark isnt known for its contribution to the hip hop scene, heres a band that is changing that. Theyre called Outlandish two Muslims and a Catholic whose backgrounds take in Asia and North Africa.”

“Danish hip hop band Outlandish punctuate their polished rap productions with ethnic influences, bringing together Asian, North African and Latin American cultures in their distinctive sound. Their music embraces cultural differences, languages and styles delivering important messages against prejudice.


2 Responses to “Al Jazeera visits Outlandish”

  1. peg said

    Hi badree.
    i donno why u did not reply 2 my message which i sent it in your mail???

  2. Awayclose said

    i havent seen it coz it was in junk mails folder somehow. i replied now. tc.

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