Prayer for Gaza

January 10, 2009

Free Palestine

The situation in Gaza is gettin’ worse every single day, Gaza is crying blood and we feel ashamed and guilty for the fact that we don’t have much to do except our prayers. Ya Allah(swt), send your peace upon Gaza and please forgive us.

Michael Heart – We will not go down (Song for Gaza) Source:
Amel Mathlouthi – Naci En Palestina


8 Responses to “Prayer for Gaza”

  1. Ahmed said

    Ameen Ya rab alalameen

  2. Ameen ya Rab :/
    Kulna Ghazza

  3. hal786 said


    ameen to this dua

    in our tpwwn they had protests n in london but nothin seems to be comin thru u no, thank u 4 this post.ys tru there isnt reli a lot we can do except pray, protest etc, give charity etc.

  4. justice4palestine said

    Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!!

  5. นกเดินทาง said


  6. hal786 said

    hey awayclose
    how cumz when i come to ur blog, i go by the wordpress domain nme, but on ur header ot says a difrent web address?
    is it 2 different ones, or just 2 difrent domains for the same blog?

  7. Awayclose said

    both addresses are directed to the same place. i just wanted to make it a shorter address which is “”. but still u can use the old one.

  8. hal786 said

    oh ok makes sense
    i still go by the old one yh..
    take care
    hope u are well, in the best of health and iman inshallah!

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