NMO InFocus: Outlandish All Access

January 25, 2009


Outlandish All Access – OLVideo (Low Quality)

Watch directly from NMO’s website (High Quality)

Watch the Dutch channel NMO‘s 30 min. TV show about Outlandish. The show’s host Abdellah Dami talks with them about their numbers, the story of Aicha, the invasion of Israel in Gaza, their mission as artists and their personal lives as partners and fathers. Also you can watch them hanging out and shopping around the city. The show closes with exclusive footage of their concert earlier this month in Den Haag, Netherlands. And as a big surprise; at the end of the show, our dear Master Moro Linz gives a phone call from Gaza.

p.s.  Get ready moros! Outlandish’s new album coming out in May and a new single coming out in February.


2 Responses to “NMO InFocus: Outlandish All Access”

  1. Lina said

    LOL! Thanks Badree!
    “Our dear master moro Linz” That’s sounds so nice 🙂

  2. Awayclose said

    not important Linz. that’s what the truth is. 🙂

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