Outlandish @ Radio Globus

May 31, 2009


Outlandish @ Radio Globus – Last week, Outlandish had made radio promo tour all around Denmark. This video is from their Radio Globus visit. In the video, you can watch the guys making a pie and Isam B performing the song “Someday” live while Waqas playing the guitar. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Outlandish @ Radio Globus”

  1. zineb said

    ohhhhhhhhh its great machalah
    realy gratulation outlandiiiiiiiiiiish

  2. zineb said

    oh thainx toooooooo

  3. zineb said

    Salam y’all!!
    Happy birthday ISAM BACHIRI ,i’m very happy for u
    and God bless u and ur baby and all ur familly
    and thnk u for all that you have done.
    Happy Birthday another time Isam!!!
    and all the Moroccan u say Happpppppy birrthday!!!!,and we await ur come in casablanca inshaalah.

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