Watch: Waqas – Me and My Beard – DR2 TV Documentary – When Waqas Ali Qadri was nine years old, he became the first boy at school who got beard.  Back then it was a bit hard to deal face hair, but when Waqas became older, in exchange, he was a master of beautiful trimmed beards. Today he can not imagine his face without his beard and now he awaits so excited about whether his own son also becomes a pioneer into the beard.

“Me and My Beard” is a documentary series broadcasted by DR2 TV which interviews famous bearded danish men about the stories with their beard.

Watch: Outlandish Live @ Rytterfest (03.04.2010) – Watch a video from Outlandish’s Rytterfest concert including scenes from Look Into My Eyes, Let off Some Steam, Dale Duro, Aicha and Callin U.