Hi moros, I’m Awayclose from Turkey. My aim in running this site is to support a band making Life Music and standing for something in this corrupted music industry – Outlandish-. That’s why i started sharing videos related to Outlandish, which i think the best and the legalest way to reach out people and spread OL’s music to the world. Only God knows how long i will be able to do this, coz the life is getting busier day by day. Thanks to you all, for being here. Your kind and nice feedbacks are the biggest support which helps me out along this way.

Now check the pages to reach the biggest archive of Outlandish videos. 🙂

Take Care…


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34 Responses to “About”

  1. saima said

    hey badree just wana say thanx for this site….i think its such a brill idea-so much easier to view all their videos now…so thanx alot and keep up the good work inshallah! 😉

  2. Katerina said

    salaam badree i just wanna say mashallah and jazakallahkhair 4 ur efforts…ur very talented! hehehe…keep up d good work and thank u very very very much!!! mwah!

  3. Fatima said

    Salaam Aleikum!!!

    Djazaak allahu Gheiran 4 the videos, interviews and live performances. Very smart to put everything on one site.
    Keep up the good work!! 🙂

    Peace Fatima

  4. souma said

    i jsut wanted to say that u r doing doing a very good job so go on and don’t stop

  5. Mona said

    Will you be setting up an RSS feed? Because I would be interested in receiving e-mails from you whenever there is an update…

  6. Hey mouna, if you have a RSS feed reader use this link:


  7. Awayclose said

    thanx for replying Ahmed. 🙂 appreciated.

  8. pebbles said

    Hello awayclose,
    so good to find you again… missed you on youtube! 😉 Just wanted to say real quick, you re doing a very good job that s much appreciated and your site looks wicked! 🙂
    Take care…

  9. You’re more than welcome Bad_Ree, I really appreciate your great works


  10. Hala said

    Wallahe Bedree all i can say is MUCH APPREACIATED… Thank you soooooo very much, I’m sure u go by Wish for my Brother what i wish for myself? Cuz if u didn’t, u wouldn’t be sharin all this sweet stuff with us! Thanks again!

    Peace, Hala

  11. Farhana Chowdhury said

    Salaams! I luv Outlandish! They r totally awesome! I luv all their songs, and their CDs are soo cool! If you don’t have dem, u shud buy dem! lol! k, this site is also awesome!

    ttyl moros!


  12. amy said

    hiya this is well gd tune:) its catchy were can i find the translations coz i dont know what it means in english lol

  13. N said

    salams.i know this is a bit far fetched or watnot.but id really like to find a site where i can download mijad’s track with burhan g.ive looked everywer(not saying much im like IT challenged sometimes:P).but if you know or anyone else:D about where i can D/L it please do tell.

    much thanks

  14. Awayclose said

    N: Try to use “Limewire” program, u can find most of Burhan G.’s and Majid’s songs there. sorry but i donnow a direct link to download them. tc…

  15. N said

    thanks for the reply.theres a problem though i cnt access it through cos my residence hall under uni blcks download sites like tht.ridiculous!lol.regardless,ima find a way anyways.thanks again!


  16. Gülçin said

    hey salaam, finally s.o. from Turkey who knows el Moro by heart, yay! 🙂 I really believe we need to do sth to bring those guys over here (any ideas or initiatives?) or to spread the msg they’re tryna give, as it really is important what n how they r struggling for. it is a matter of celebration of humane+ity and the differences we possess, i.e. what we need that very much these days..

    & thanks alot for posting much of anything, its over-appreciated indeed!

    G’nite & take cares,

  17. Awayclose said

    alaikumsalaam Gülçin. by making this blog, definitely im tryinna do the thing u mentioned: spreading their message. its nice to see another Turkish who knows Outlandish and understands what their message is about. tnx for visiting my blog. hope to see you around inshaallah. Take Care…

  18. Mou'ad said

    Salam Alaikom

    Thanx for ur great effort, really much appreciated.

    Greetz from Palestine

  19. Louise said

    I´m from Denmark but have been living abroad for more than 6 years, always dragging my beloved Outlandish CDs around but without following the news about them in any way, and I´m overwhelmed and happy to see their popularity in so many different countries! I have had them on the iPod in Istanbul thinking I was probably the only one in the country who knew them, hahaha! Sometimes it´s good to be wrong. This is a very nice website, good job. 🙂 I love your country, by the way.

  20. Awayclose said

    Hi Louise, yeah i know that feeling. When i first discovered Outlandish’s music, i was thinkin that probably im the only one Turkish on this world who knows about their beautiful music. but then, i met lots of Turkish moros. anyway, its nice to hear that you love our country and thanx for ur nice words. take care. 🙂

  21. outlandmoro fan said

    i think what you are doing is truly generous, i am glad i was introduced to your website, the information is more reliable and the feedback is genuine.
    i adore outlandish

  22. iman said

    salamo alaykom;
    thanks brother, you’ve done a great job,wish you good luck and keep on good work
    GOD bless you

  23. hal786 said

    hal786 here…
    (again lol)

    just to let u know: i found out Isam B is to become a father.(inshallah)
    masha allah..
    this is gr8 news innit? dont u think?
    u probably know anyway but just in case u don’t.

    also just wanted to tell u-i saw the Prophet s.a.w’s Rasul’s hair. it was gr8 and i was surprised i got to see it because i liv in England..

    hope u r well..take care..

  24. hal786 said

    plz could you ‘leave a reward’ on my site’ jazakallah.

  25. Mr_caliskan said

    Hey thanks a lot for all these my turkish brother. I am writing from USA , i am turkish myself and i ve been checking outlandish like couple months. Dude, they definetely rock man. Forget about all these white rappers trying rap and keep getting kicked. Here is the Biggest STARZ and rapperz (and white 🙂 PLUS Muslim) with the great lyrics. They definetely gotta do everything to be on the international ring and get all the titlez man. IT would be so pity for this world to keep outlandish only in denmark or europe.I am telling you , these crazy world needs People like these…

    Cok tesekkurler

  26. Awayclose said

    Söylediklerine kesinlikle katılıyorum mr_caliskan kardeşim. Benim de tek amacım Outlandish’in müziğini mümkün olduğu kadar insana duyurabilmek. Outlandish’i keşfetmene sevindim. Selametle…

  27. caucasian said

    great owe you much.thank you !

  28. hira said

    thnx for this site..
    im frm pakistan and really likke outlandish..

  29. neri said

    well well well… this is awsome thnks so much awayclose. you’re doin’ great job keep movin’ this way.I am also from Turkey and A huge fan of İsam so it is wonderfull to find many videos of him here.Gracias again

  30. fifi said

    hi moros i am from MOROCCO ,i realy like your songs, and i hop some day to met you personnaly, and ALLAH bless you forever .I always listning to your music.
    keep going ,in these way you are the best.

    your new friend

  31. Amina said

    My mommie really loves your songs and want to see oulandish in OHIO 🙂 you should come .. ur welcomed. thanks !!!
    YOur sister,
    AMINA :)) peace

  32. Hadia said

    i am from canada an i luv outlandish..
    i luv the nice album and mashallah keep up the good work ❤

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